How to Avoid Lost Keys

Having provided locksmith services in and around Syracuse for years, the problem of lost keys isn’t new to us. Whether you’ve lost house keys or lost car keys, you aren’t alone. Your day is going along just fine and suddenly you can’t find your keys to get in the car and head home for the day. Or maybe you arrived home and suddenly realize you can’t find the keys to your house. Or maybe you’re like many parents with teenagers who find that their house keys or car keys were misplaced.

Whatever the case, lost keys can give you that sinking feeling of worry and panic. As locksmiths, we hear from people almost every day who either can’t get into their car or home. We understand what an inconvenience it can be, which is why we’re ready to assist as your 24/7 Syracuse locksmith.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to ensure you don’t lose your keys in the future.

Lost keys? Ask yourself if your life is too cluttered

One of the main culprits behind losing your keys or anything in your life is that you are lacking organization. It’s time to get rid of clutter once and for all, allowing you to easily see where you’ve placed items without things other visual distractions along the way. Minimizing your belongings to only keep on you the things you really need allows you to more easily find missing objects since there are fewer hiding spots. This goes for entry ways, purses, catch-all bowls in the foyer, and those packed kitchen drawers.

Make a home for everything

Once you’ve started reducing your clutter, you can start to make a home for each of the items. With less stuff to get in the way, you can now dedicate a place where things go when they aren’t being used. When keys, wallets, and phones have their own spots, it’s much more difficult to lose these items.

When you arrive home at night, make sure to put each item you’ve brought home with you in its dedicated spot, whether it’s the key rack, the bowl on the counter, or the hook by the door. Do this for each household member so that everyone knows where things go after using them and perhaps avoid lost keys.

If all else fails, rely on locator technology for lost keys

Even when you’re more organized and you set aside dedicated spots for your keys, the time will come where your keys are still lost or misplaced. As locksmiths, we can assure you, it happens. And with kids? It happens even more often. Now it might time to use technology to your advantage.

Car keys and house keys don’t have the benefit of a ringtone, like your smartphone. Instead, all you can do is search, reach around in your bag, or look in all the crazy places it might be. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could dial our car keys or house keys when we’re locked out? Well, that’s exactly what these locator tools can do for you.

You can attach a BlueTooth tracking device like Tile and download apps to figure out where you may have set your keys down or dropped them.

Remember, lost keys happen

While using these tips can help make sure you don’t lose your keys, we’re here when the inevitable happens. As your Syracuse locksmith of choice, we can rekey locks, provide new keys to your car, help you access locked doors in your home, and so much more. We’re insured, bonded, certified, and courteous.

From home locksmith services to car locksmith services to emergency 24/7 locksmith services, our professionals are ready to assist. Simply call (315) 510-5880 or request a fast quote online.

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