Broken Key in Lock?

Whether your door lock is new or old, a broken key in lock can be incredibly frustrating. As emergency locksmiths, this is a very common call. A broken key in lock can happen when you’ve turned the key too fast, turned it when not fully engaged, or perhaps the lock mechanism was just worn and old.

Whatever the case, you don’t need to panic if you have a broken key in lock because that is exactly the kind of thing our professional locksmiths can help you with. Instead of trying to figure out what to do, just call our reliable Syracuse locksmith service and we’ll handle the problem for you.

Should it happen to you, and if you’re reading this article about having a broken key in your lock, then it probably already has, this short list of handy tips will tell you what to do in the event your key breaks inside your lock.

Call the locksmith right away

If this situation happens when you’re on your way out the door or trying to get in from being away, it will prevent you from properly locking or unlocking your door, making your home vulnerable to theft. It’s important that you call the locksmith right away to make sure you can leave your home with a secured home or lock your car instead of leaving it vulnerable to a criminal. Your broken key can damage the lock, so rather than trying to fix it yourself, you should call the locksmith to handle the situation properly.

Different scenarios you may encounter

If you find that your key is sticking out of the lock, the locksmith may be able to simply pull it out with the right tools. Since you wouldn’t be likely to have the proper tools to handle a small grab as this, a locksmith will be able to handle it and ensure there is no damage to the lock, in addition to making you a new key.

If the key isn’t sticking out, trying to remove it will definitely damage the lock. A locksmith will be able to efficiently and correctly remove it without damaging your lock. They will also be able to make you a new key and ensure you can be on your way.

Preventing a broken key in lock

While it’s easy to call your professional locksmith to help you when your key has broken inside your car or home lock, it would be smart to know how to avoid this situation in the future. It’s helpful to maintain your keys and locks by applying some lock lubrication to your keyhole when you notice any grinding or friction locking or unlocking the doors.

Your keys can simply be replaced every so often to ensure they are durable and unlikely to break. Your car locks are more susceptible during the winter season, which means that you should be extra careful to de-ice during freezing weather to avoid breaking your keys during the locking or unlocking process.

Consider these tips in the event that your key breaks inside your lock. It’s never wise to try to fix it yourself as you could damage your locks and cause a very expensive job. Call your local locksmith to make sure you handle the situation efficiently from the start and take a sigh of relief that they will have the proper tools and knowledge to handle the job for you.

Hopefully, you won’t need to change or replace your door locks, but if you do, we’re here to help. Whether you need home locksmith services, car locksmith services, commercial locksmith services, or emergency 24/7 locksmith services, simply call (315) 510-5880 or request a fast quote online.


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